arms-on with motorola’s $299 360-diploma camera moto mod

motorola just officially introduced the most modern addition to its collection of moto mod add-ons, a 360-degree camera that magnetically attaches to the again of any of the moto z series of devices.

i had a couple of minutes to strive out the new mod, and it extra or less works quite a great deal as advertised. the white back case isn’t an awful lot thicker than motorola’s different wi-fi charging accessories — besides for the large, -sided digital camera that sticks out of the top. the module is probably a bit bit too massive to casually keep attached in your smartphone as a daily alternative, but the modular nature of the moto mod device makes it extraordinary simple to detach it whilst you’re now not using it.

once connected, the cellphone automatically identified the mod, with the standard digicam app supplying a toggle between the 360-diploma digicam and the everyday, onboard digicam. on the subject of genuinely capturing with the moto 360 digicam, you’ve got a few unique alternatives for taking images with such an extended area of view. there’s a cut up-display mode that indicates you what the the front and rear sensors are seeing; a sliding, landscape-style mode, which affords a pannable preview; a spherical fish-eye view, which may be zoomed and rotated; and a circular mode that overlays the rear view on pinnacle of a heritage of the the front-facing side.

shooting with the 360 camera is a bit slow — there has been a substantive one- or -2nd delay between urgent the shutter and the photo genuinely taking, probably due to the time to system and stitch the digicam’s separate viewpoints together. panning across the live feed was also a little gradual, for what i assume to be the equal motive. (in an exciting quirk, because of the place of the sensor on top of the telephone, any photos you’re taking have a weird result of the smartphone itself appearing invisible for your fingers.) nevertheless, the outcomes are quite sharp. motorola is sincerely the usage of the two thirteen-megapixel sensors to top effect right here.

the only fundamental function that i wasn’t able to attempt out became the live-streaming function, which motorola is promising for a future software program update after the 360 camera launches on august tenth.

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