nokia 8 copper gold model leaked out once more


the old nokia, even at some stage in its lumia section, become possibly infamous for all the kinds of colour alternatives and mixtures it made available. some of them have been best to observe, in the event that they didn’t burn your retinas. others had been pretty garish. we’re still not certain wherein this new nokia eight variation falls in that spectrum, however it is able to be satisfactory described as “specific”. with much less than a month left before its expected unveiling, the nokia 8 leaks out once more, this time in a quite by no means earlier than visible copper-gold sheen.

we’ve already visible the nokia 8 clothed in gold, idea it become cited how that gold was a bit gaudy in comparison to other gold shades inside the marketplace. it, in reality, appeared extra like orange gold. that, however, has not anything in this new leak.

it’s known as copper gold, supposedly, and it’s now not a coloration we’re familiar with. possibly there’s a reason why nobody has idea of it earlier than. if nokia and hmd were aiming for a shock issue to promote this nokia 8, they may thoroughly achieve success. in the event that they’re making plans on aesthetic appeal, we’ll must wait and see it within the real global first.


the leak confirms again the presence of dual cameras on its returned, believed to recreation carl zeiss lenses not anything much less. as for the rest of the not but discovered but completely anticipated specifications, this nokia eight will be sporting a snapdragon 835 processor with four or 6 gb of ram and sixty four gb of storage. the twin cameras will each have 13 megapixel sensors. no word but at the selfie cam.

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